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You have the opportunity to create your customers' print approvals very simply and quickly.
Let\’s find how to use this new option below!


Find your product on On the right side of the screen you\’ll find all colours available for this product. Below these colours icons you just have to click on the “customize” option link!


The personalization tool opens and you can start to simulate a customization.

The tool is composed by 3 menus:
« Image », « Text » and « Download »


In the « Image » menu select a file* by clicking on « Upload picture ».Your image will be uploaded on the product and then you\’ll have the possibility to resize and move it.

*you can use JPG, GIF, PNG, EPS, AI or PDF file


In the « Text » menu type your text in the empty field, select a font from the pulldown menu and choose your text colour with the tones selector. Then you just have to click on the « add text » button.


Once your image and text are added several options are available:

Turn and orientate your image/text

Resize your image/text

Adjust opacity and transparency parameters

Bring your image/text to foreground or background

Delete your image/text


You can then export the final result in PDF or PNG file.

In the « Download » menu , you can choose to export :

  • By checking « product image »: the product alone
  • By checking « visual created »: the items you added on the product
  • By checking the two boxes: the simulation of your elements on the product