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Protective intermediate layer that ensures that the product is waterproof and makes sure that transpiration can evaporate. Examples are: Gore-Tex ®, Thinsulate ® etc.
Fabric specially treated to resist surface pilling due to abrasion during wear.
The certified Belcoro® cotton yarns are being spun with a stable tension creating high uniformity and a flawless result providing the fabric with a smooth surface. The dye is being evenly distributed what makes the fabric more stable and lasting.
A chambray is a plain weave fabric woven with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft.
A slub or thick spot in a yarn is created by varying the tightness of the twist of the yarn at various intervals.
Common terminology referring to a yarn with high elasticity. The garment is worn close to the body and keeps it form and size and provides freedom while moving, long-lasting comfort and are crease-resistant.
Cotton fibers that are being brushed with a comb make the fiber longer, softer and purer to guarantee a constant quality. The fabric is very flexible and comfortable. The garment also shows less shrunkage after washing.
A plastic coating (PVC, polyurethane (PU), acrylic ...) added on the fabric to make it more waterproof.
Simple knit with a clear straight and contrarily stitch, light and flexible, known for its comfort.
It is a variation on rib knit, interlock knit has two rows of stitches, one directly behind the other. This can create the impression that the fabric is comprised of two layers, which is why it comes sometimes categorized as a double-knit fabric. The two layers of interlock, however can't be seperated. It is thicker than jersey, and both sides of the fabric are smooth, like the right side of a jersey fabric.
High quality crease-resistant fabric for excellent durability, comfort and an elegant appearance. Klopman fabric is renowned for exceptional color consistency and color retention. With absolute shade accuracy from one batch of fabric to the next.
High quality 80% combed cotton / 20% polyester fleece with low shrinkage. The inner and outer faces of the fabric contain a continuous filament that offers excellent resistance to washing. The outer face is perfect for printing, while the inner face is extremely comfortable.
Sustainable celluloses fibers that create a soft ‘peach’ hand feel texture. Example: Tencel® (made out of wood cellulose).
Very fine fabric thanks to very thin and flexible threads. Gives more elegance to the material and movement of the garment.
Clothes made of microfibers to create a silky and soft aspect. Comfortable and breathable garments.
Ottoman is a fabric with a pronounced ribbed or corded effect, often made of silk or a mixture of cotton and other silk like yarns.
In basket weave, groups of warp and weft threads are interlaced so that they form a simple criss-cross pattern. Each group of weft threads crosses an equal number of warp threads by going over one group, then under the next, and so on. The next group of weft threads goes under the warp threads that its neighbor went over, and vice versa.
A different kind of cotton that has longer fibers. It is cultivated in Soudan, Peru and Southwest of the United States. With these fibers you can make high quality, flexible and comfortable piece of garment. It is used in products with a higher price value and quality.
Fleece sweatshirt not brushed. Loop appearance on the inside and smooth outer surface.Light andf luid fit for a current look.
Piqué refers to a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing.
Synthetic material existing of strong flexible yarns. It is a little bit elastic and easy care.
Very durable, flexible, crease-resistant and easy care synthetic yarn.
Health & environment friendly polymer used in coating to strengthen and protect certain fabrics/surfaces against abrasion and stains.
Poplin is a strong fabric in a plain weave of any fiber or blend, with crosswise ribs that typically gives a corded surface.
In knitting, a basket weave pattern is characterized by intersecting ribs and welts. It makes the fabric elastic. Example: rib 1x1, rib 1x2, rib 2x2…
In the ring-spun process the yarn is made by continuously twisting and thinning the strands making a very fine rope of cotton fibers. The twisting makes the short hairs of cotton stand out, resulting in a stronger yarn with a significantly softer hand.
Sergé is a type of twill fabric that has diagonal lines on both sides, made with a two-up, two-down weave. It makes the garment comfortable and long lasting.
Fabric combining inner, mid and shell layers to provide various features like stretch ability, water resistance, wind breaking ability and insulation.
Thin woven fabric with a smooth and shiny surface on both sides.
Yarn that has been processed with help of air jets. Mostly used for outerwear. Makes garments waterproof and long lasting.
Natural material made out of generated celluloses. It is a soft as silk and a shiny aspect. The touch is very soft and smooth.

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