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Founded in Texas in 1922, Dickies soon established itself as a pioneer in the workwear market. At a time when manual work was a necessity, Dickies succeeded in meeting the needs of tradesmen by offering them hard-wearing clothing.

Today, Dickies is a benchmark for workwear. Known and recognised everywhere as a guarantee of quality.

Dickies, a legacy and a promise!

First and foremost and for generations, Dickies has been about a sense of tradition.

A goal that has remained true over time, to offer comfort, style and durability with a workwear range suitable for all types of work, whether at home or in the workplace, for both men and women.

Dickies is much more than a clothing brand, it’s a legacy!

Dickies Trades

Dickies Workwear is defined by the people who love to wear its products. It takes its inspiration from this desire to support workers in their daily challenges.

Discover the products worn by those who shape the brand.


Dickies Collections

One goal!

To provide working men and women with the best in textiles and help them do their job in complete safety.

Legend products

There from the very beginning!

  • DK0A4XSQ
    2 colours
    Dickies - Men's LEAD IN FLEX (EX. DTR2009)
    Recommended sales price from:
    x1 €69.32
    x20 €60.28
  • DK0A4XT4
    3 colours
    Dickies - Redhawk Overalls (EX. DWD4839)
    Recommended sales price from:
    x1 €74.36
    x10 €64.66
  • DK0A4XSG
    4 colours
    Dickies - Everyday shorts (EX. DED247SH)
    Recommended sales price from:
    x1 €36.54
    x25 €31.78

Dickies categories

Tough, technical, practical, durable and innovative!

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